Bebot for Airports

AI Chatbot for Safe Airport Travel

Our chatbot will help your airport optimize efficiency, drive concessions to your passengers, and run insightful surveys in real-time, while increasing customer satisfaction.

Solutions for Airports

Automated FAQ

Reduce lines at info counters, by answering simple facility inquiries with chat.

Collect Passenger Insights

Find out passenger preferences in chat to discover sales opportunities. Run surveys to assess areas of growth and improvement at your facility.

Congestion Management

Bebot helps direct passengers to specific buses or trains for crowd control.

Superior Passenger Experiences

Make your facility stand out from others with unique technologies. Give passengers a reason to pick your facility when they travel next.

Current customers include

Narita International Airport

At Narita Airport, our Bebot chatbot answers millions of inquiries about flights, land airportsation, restaurant and shop info with a 98% user satisfaction rate. Connect to the airport wifi to get a personalized customer service experience.

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Vienna AirportCity

At Vienna AirportCity, our Bebot chatbot helped answer user questions regarding COVID-19, AirportCity facilities and assisted in wayfinding. In addition, Bebot helped gather user insights, enabling Vienna AirportCity to identify trends and opportunities for improvement at the airport and surrounding areas.

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Tampa International Airport

At Tampa International Airport, ranked the best medium-size airport in the US, our Bebot chatbot answers COVID-19 related questions and helps passengers find concessions at >93% accuracy. Common questions include flight information, travel restrictions and screening procedures.

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Implementation Process



Contact us to decide which facilities you want Bebot implemented at.



Leave it to us, we'll prepare data and train Bebot to be ready to launch in 1 month.



Update the URL on your facility's wifi service to redirect your passengers to Bebot chat.

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