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  • Kon'nichiwa! I’m Bebot! こんにちは!Bebotです。
  • I’m your go-to personal travel guide. 旅行中、チャットでサポートするのでよろしくね。
  • I can help you find the best local restaurants and book fun activities.
    レストラン予約やルート案内はもちろん とびっきりの穴場スポットもこっそり紹介するよ。
  • I can even answer any questions you have about hotel facilities instantly.

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Bebot can recommend local restaurants, fun activities, answers questions about your hotel, and so much more. Use your favorite web browser to chat with Bebot. You don’t need to download an app!

Book Restaurants

Want to have a unique dining experience? Find the best local cuisines and Bebot can make reservations.

Where is the best sushi in Tokyo?


I found two sushi restaurants that are walking distance.


Discover unique places known to locals or visit popular destinations. Bebot knows the most unique places to visit.

Tell me about Naoshima


Naoshima is an art island enjoyed by locals for the modern art, architecture, and sculptures.


Have questions about your hotel? Bebot has the answers.

I'd like to do late check-out.


Late check-out is available for a fee, but will depend on availability.

What's the best way to the airport?


The most convenient way is to get on limousine bus.

How to Chat with Bebot Bebotの利用方法

  • QR Code

    Scan QR Code QRコードをスキャン

    You can find QR codes at participating Hotels, Airports, and Train Stations. Bebotの導入先ホテル、空港、駅でQRコードをスキャン

  • Wifi

    Wifi Wi-Fiに接続

    When you connect to wifi you can automatically start chatting with Bebot. Bebotの導入先施設のWi-Fiに接続すると、自動的にBebotのチャットページが登場

  • Device

    Handy Device Handy端末から

    Some hotels provide a handy device for guests with Bebot built in. Handy端末導入ホテルでは、HandyからBebotが利用可能

Airports, Hotels, and Train Stations空港、ホテル、駅

Chat with Bebot at these locationsこれらの場所で、Bebotとチャットしてみませんか?


Airports 空港


Train Stations

Tokyo Station

Represent a hotel, airport, or train station?

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