Used by many cities and transportation systems in Japan

Conversational AI Chatbot Built for Rapidly Changing Global Needs

Bespoke Conversational AI platform delivers intelligent, multilingual conversational engagements by guiding customers to meaningful actions.
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Our Clients

Our products have been adopted by various organizations in Japan and overseas, mainly municipalities, public institutions, and transportation agencies that require accuracy and speed.

How it's Used

Bebot, a best-in-class AI chatbot, can be adapted for any application or purpose.






Reduced Workload

Increased Satisfaction

Increased Sales

About Bebot

Bespoke’s conversational AI chatbot combines the latest advances in artificial intelligence, deep neural networks, and machine learning to create personalized, conversational engagements across all digital channels.

Equipped with high-performance
AI engine

Unlike similar services from other companies, Bebot's superior natural language processing technology allows it to extract words from even long sentences and understand their meaning before responding appropriately - creating a truly conversational experience for users.

Right there when you need it with no hassle for the user

Chatbots can be implemented on any website in just 5 minutes. Since it is browser-based, users do not need to install any specific application to use it, so they are able to start using Bebot to answer their questions and solve problems for them straight away.

Let us help you build the perfect FAQ database to get you started

The most difficult part of implementing a chatbot is creating the best possible scenario, and with Bebot, we even create the FAQs so you can implement the chatbot exactly the way you envisioned. Want have your Bebot respond to customers in different languages? No problem—our native writers are on hand to localize all your content.

International language

Chat is initiated in multiple languages according to the language setting of the user's browser. This multilingual support, which can be used by travelers from all over the world in their native language, is one of Bebot's main strengths.

Manned operators monitor
errors in real time

We always have a manned operator behind the scenes supporting our chatbots 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The operator monitors all interactions between users and the chatbot in real time, spotting and tagging any errors or out-of-focus items that the AI could not answer, and updating them when the AI relearns. This is one of Bebot's key features that other chatbots do not have, and is what elevates Bebot above the competition.

Why Choose Bebot?

Power your customer conversations with our best-in-class Natural Language Understanding that outshines all competitors in accuracy & performance.

Specialized in chatbot development

We have assembled a team of world-class developers to develop all of our proprietary AI engines in-house. We also strive daily to improve the accuracy of our chatbots by providing initial design and operational support.

Comprehensive support services

We provide basic services such as time-consuming FAQ creation, multilingual registration, and periodic improvement of response accuracy at the time of introduction. This allows the person in charge to achieve smooth introduction and operation with less workload.

Loved by users, trusted by government

Due to the high accuracy of the responses and the high level of user satisfaction, the system is in used by governmental organizations in Japan. Members of our team also play an important role in Japan's digital transformation initiatives, working closely with the Prime Minister of Japan.


Bebot usage fees consist of an initial fee and a monthly fee, which vary depending on the number of languages used and whether or not there is a need to integrate with third party systems. For a detailed estimate, get in touch.



Media:An interview with Akemi Tsunagawa, CEO, was featured in MIZU Management on April 2023.

In an article introducing the company as "the standard-bearer of the multilingual AI chatbot business," the company discusses its current business vision and future outlook, which aims to "create a better society by solving the world's prevalent communication problems."

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Bebot Launches Support for Kakegawa City

Bespoke launched Bebot, an AI chatbot, for Kakegawa City (Shizuoka Prefecture) as a life support service, with Fuso Dentsu Inc. The service will answer various inquiries from foreign residents 24/7 with automatic response by AI.

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Bespoke and AI chatbot "Bebot" are featured in the Digital Agency's "Disaster Prevention DX Service Map".

Japanese government, Digital agency picked up our service on its official site. Disaster prevention DX catalog where local governments can refer to when they want to subscribe to disaster prevention service.

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