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Charm of “Bebot”, who addresses 3 challenges brought by the inbound population

We needed quantification and analysis under growing demand. Bebot stood out because of its multinational developers, existing performance, and reliable human operators. With statistics, we learned that 70% of the questions don’t fit into the FAQ, so filling that gap is our future task.

Human-like Chatbot, “Bebot” Provides The Best Travel Experience

Bebot tells foreign tourists anything from area info to local gems beyond guidebook. Its development team is from various countries, bringing forth the perspective of those who’ve never been to Japan. They are now adding ads to the service.

CognitionX Talk in London

CEO Akemi Tsunagawa will give a talk about her success in conversational AI for CognitionX Talk held in London, on June 11(Tuesday),from15:30~

7/4 Event : Web in Travel Japan

CEO Akemi Tsunagawa will give a talk on how Bebot helps travelers in the upcoming Web in Travel Japan event on Thursday, 7/4 from 9:50am -

6/10 Event : D2C X Inbound Marketing Seminar

Bespoke Inc will be speaking on how an AI concierge can help to attract and provide a warm welcome for foreign fans. The talk will take place on June 10th at D2C Hall (Nomura Ginza Building 5F) from 17:35-18.05.

6/4 Event : International Hotel Technology Forum

CEO Akemi will give a talk about our AI Chatbot at the upcoming International Hotel Technology Forum in Taipei on Thursday, 6/4 from 9am -

Event: Innovfest Unbound Singapore

Bespoke Inc. will be representing Japan on 27 & 28 June 2019 at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

Event: Startup Grind Fireside Chat with Bespoke Inc. CEO Akemi Tsunagawa

Have a conversation with Akemi and learn about her journey on the successes and challenges she's faced while building her company. Join other successful entrepreneurs and business owners for the event on June 21st from 7-9pm.

Bespoke Announces U.S. Launch of ChatConnect: The AI Chatbot Solution for Businesses

With Bespoke's multilingual AI chatbot technology currently supporting popular tourist locations in Japan, their newest ChatConnect service allows U.S. businesses to engage customers to capture insight and customize consumer experiences.

Bespoke starts business partnership with the Hokkaido Shinbun Press

To improve the foreign tourists’ experience and involvement in Japan, Bespoke Inc. and Hokkaido Shinbun Press partnered to provide multilingual service and tour assistance. The AI chat concierge “Bebot” launched on April 1st for foreign visitors.

6/25-26 Event: CEO Akemi Tsunagawa will attend an international chatbot summit in Tel Aviv

Tsunagawa will give a talk on 6/25 for the Pre Conference Workshops Deep Dive Sessions, themed “Scaling Your Bot Business.” Time: 14:30-15:45

New - Bebot Comes to JR’s Izu Craile making the World’s 1st AI Supported Resort Train

The Bebot chatbot provides personal AI assistance to passengers on board the Izu Craile train and at 8 additional stations. Bespoke Inc. and JR East are excited to announce the latest expansion of Bebot, the world’s first chatbot for hotels, air

Media: With Bebot, how Narita International Airport catches the attention of foreigners

Our client Narita Airport was interviewed about the inbound measures using “Bebot.” Topics includes how Narita wins foreign tourist's appreciation & exploring the active application of a multilingual chatbot used by 20,000 tourists daily.

Media: Nikkei Morning News (March 9th) and Digital News (March 10th) covers Bebot

Titled “Eight Years After the Tohoku Earthquake, the Capital Prepares Itself for Citizens’ Difficulty Returning Home, as well as Helping Foreign Tourists,” the piece introduces the emergency assistance and update services provided by Bebot.

Podcast:Disrupting Japan - Silicon Valley has Chatbots all Wrong.

Today, however, Akemi explains how she and the team managed to succeed where so many better-funded companies failed, and she gives some great advice about how to get consumers to try out new technologies.

Media: “Hotel Restaurant Weekly” Covers Interviews with Hotel New Otani & Sunroute Plaza

Under the title “‘An Increasing Number of Hotels Introduce AI Concierge with ‘Delightful Engagement’ as Concept,” our clients, Hotel New Otani and Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku received an interview on the use of Bebot and its efficacy.

Media: Magazine “Leisure Industry Data” March 2019 issue covers Bebot

Under the title “AI Chat Concierge, Expanding Demand with Climbing Inbound,” the piece discusses the environment Bebot is introduced and thrives in, as well as Bebot’s multitude of functions and their appeals.

Event - Symposium in Toyama City with Senator Seiko Noda, the Minister of Affairs & Commu

Seiko Noda - Minister for Internal Affairs and Communications Akiko Ito - Cabinet Secretariat March 3rd@Hotel Grand Terrace Toyama 3F

Event: Our CEO will give a talk at the Kyushu Economic Federation

Speaking on the topic of “sharing insights from case studies of clients using AI chatbots.” Catch the session on 2/13 from 2-2:30pm at Hotel Nikko Fukuoka.

Event: The 47th International Hotels & Restaurant Exhibition

Join us 3pm at East #2 hall: Mr. Nagano will give a presentation about our AI Chatbot. Programme: "Having fun talking to AI Chatbot!? Empowering business efficiency and elevating guest satisfaction with Bebot" Wednesday, Feb. 20th from 3pm -

Media: Magazine “The 21”, March 2019 issue covers an interview with our founder, Tsunagawa

Titled “‘Catan’ Trains the Intellectual Power Necessary for Business!,” founder of Bespoke Tsunagawa received an interview with an Angel Investor, Horii Shota. In the piece, Tsunagawa talks about the usefulness of the famous German board game.

New: Consumer Connect for Bebot

Consumer Connect for Bebot allows your business to now have the opportunity to interact and collect insight with every customer through personalized communications based on their preferences.

Media: Article published in a hotel specific publication「Hotel Bank」

The hotel industry has been transformed by the introduction of AI and IoT devices. Bespoke Inc., which provides Bebot, an AI-based smartphone chat, based on the concept of sharing experiences beyond guidebooks.

2/12 Event: A seminar on "attracting customers, increasing prices & profits of hotels"

Bespoke Inc. will be speaking on how an AI concierge improves both operational efficiency & customer satisfaction in the hospitality industry. The seminar will take place on February 12th at Recruit GINZA 8 Building 11F Hall at 17:25 - 17:50.

New Feature: Bebot x Narita Shop API Integration

Bebot's integration with Narita's API allows users to easily search for shops and restaurants, with results showing shop opening/closing times, last orders, and more.

BEBOT featured on popular Japanese TV program with celebrity Takuya Kimura

Bebot was featured with Japanese celebrity, Takuya Kimura on a popular TV program.

Interview : Nikkei Features "Bebot assisting visitors during natural disasters"

Bespoke ’s chatbot now serves foreigners during emergency. When natural disaster strikes, it offers updates and directions. Usually the bot assists hotel FAQs. But noticing a need for disaster updates, Bespoke launched the special support.

Blog: Preview of Bespoke’s Top 3 News Hits of 2018

A preview of Bespoke's Top 3 News of 2018 has been released!

‘Bebot’ Ready to Serve Customers at Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku

We are proud to announce the launch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot service Bebot at HOTEL SUNROUTE PLAZA SHINJUKU

Interview: At X-HUB TOKYO, CEO shares about market scale and overseas strategy

Akemi Tsunagawa, Founder and CEO, Bespoke Inc speaks Bebot’s overseas expansion strategy.

‘Bebot’ Concierge Welcomes Guests to Royal Park Hotels in Kyoto and Tokyo

We are proud to announce the launch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot service Bebot at ROYAL PARK HOTELS

Event: Bespoke talked about how AI can change the way people travel at Hokkaido Conference

The Bespoke team will be speaking about how AI can change the way people travel.

Event: Bespoke’s Presentation Plans at TRAVEL VOICE LIVE "Latest Trends in Digital Travel"

Bespoke Inc. will be attending TRAVEL VOICE LIVE "Latest Trends in Digital Travel" held on Dec 17, in Ginza, Tokyo.

Event : Japan Hotel Association Seminar

Bespoke Inc. will be speaking about how AI concierge can help work efficiency and customer satisfaction

Event: Bespoke Looking Forward to International Symposium on Tourism in Fukuoka, Japan

Bespoke Inc. will be attending International Symposium on Tourism held on Nov 30 in Fukuoka, Japan.

Interview: Nikkei Covers “How We Started Bespoke”

As more tourists visit,Bespoke (Tokyo, Shibuya)’s chatbot thrives in hotels, airports, and train stations, helping understaffed places. CEO Akemi Tsunagawa (31) envisions a loving experience for foreigners--a warm AI service.

Event: Bespoke to lead chatbot revenue discussion at The HSMAI Day Spain

Bespoke Inc. will be leading the discussion on how "lessons on how chatbots can become more than just talk but revenue drivers."

Event: Bespoke to share on chatbot communication at Shoryudo Project Seminar by MLIT

Our SVP, Tomo Nagano, will be sharing our views on how chatbots can improve experiences for foreign travelers in Japan. This event's theme will be multilingual communication.

Event: Bespoke Team Prepares to Present at Ryokan Industry IT & Renovation Exhibition

Our team will be presenting at the upcoming Kanto Hotels · Ryokan Industry IT & Renovation Exhibition at the Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba on 2018/12/15.

Event: Bespoke to present at Resort Marketing Ryokan Industry IT & Renovation Exhibition

Our team will be presenting at the upcoming Resort Marketing Ryokan Industry IT & Renovation Exhibition in Osaka.

Media: Disaster information relayed to tourists through a chatbot

Bespoke Inc. has announced a new service to provide emergency information to travelers during disasters like earthquakes, typhoons, and heavy rains. To send information such as transportation, news, weather updates.

AI Concierge Bebot to Assist Travelers During Disaster Situations

Bebot will direct travelers to safety by sending emergency bulletins, directions to evacuations facilities, and other support through chat.

New Feature: Bebot for Disaster Relief

Bebot will soon be able to assist travelers during natural disasters in Japan by providing evacuation center locations, emergency procedures and government updates.

Event : "What is an AI chatbot" by Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support

Bespoke team will be presenting "how AI chatbots can enhance visitors' experience" on September 27th with Deloitte Tohmatsu Venture Support.

New Feature: Bebot can now answer flight related queries!

Enter your flight number in Bebot chat to be instantly updated about your flight. The API pulls information straight from the airport, tells you flight status, gate number, departure/arrival time, and weather at your destination.

Podcast: Michael Waitze x Akemi Tsunagawa / CEO BESPOKE

"Bespoke was born…and is now a company that develops AI Chatbots for Airports, Hotels and Train Stations. It already has access to over 30% of the tourists coming to Japan and is expecting to expand internationally by the end of the year."

New Feature: Bespoke Launches Website in 4 New Languages

Bespoke Inc. is excited to announce that our website has been translated into 4 new languages, including Spanish, French, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. This update reflects the increasing demand for our chatbot service globally.

Event : Hokkaido IT Management Conference 2018 Kushiro, October 24th 2018

Bespoke team will be presenting how AI can change the way people travel at Hokkaido IT Management Conference 2018 Kushiro on October 24th at Kushiro Prince Hotel.

Event : Bespoke will be sharing user engagement tips at Chatbot Summit in Berlin 2018.

Chatbot Summit is the world's leading international event series connecting the eminent professionals and organizations who believe natural language will be the next curve in digital experiences.

Event : Bespoke team will be presenting at GITEX2018 in Dubai, OCT 16–17, 2018


Event : Bespoke will be sharing stories at the future of tourism conference in France, 9/7

Les EITF sont une Plateforme internationale de réflexion et d’imagination. Un Think Tank et un Do Tank ayant pour objectifs de réfléchir, d’inciter à des débats sans concessions pour émettre des hypothèses probables ou improbables sur les futurs

HOTERES Magazine names Bebot as One of the Most Innovative AI Solutions for Hotels

See how AI Concierge Bebot can help enhance guests' stay at your hotel. The best benefit that a chatbot can bring to a brand is customer insights. Customers are more open to robots than human staff.

Webinar:TrustYou x Bespoke - How to win the hotel battle

新たなコミュニケーションツールを活用することで、いかにホテルの皆様がお客様の“カスタマージャーニー (予約前、宿泊から宿泊後までの体験)”をより良いものにできるか。 さらに、ホテルのオペレーションの改善と効率化、クチコミ・評価のアップやGoogle上での視認性の向上による予約件数の増加という好循環をどのように作り出せるかなど、独立系ホテルがチェーンホテルに対抗できる方法を約45分間のウェビナー でお伝えいたします。 弊社パートは23:00〜

Interview:GIS NEXT 2018.07 第64号にBEBOTについて掲載されました


New : Bespoke Launches New Websites

Tokyo-based Bespoke Inc. is a leading AI solution provider for the travel industry. Its AI concierge, Bebot, is Japan's first multilingual chatbot that acts as a hotel concierge, servicing wide range of places from historic hotels to internation

Event : Philip Morris Japan Invites Bespoke as a Guest Speaker at the Annual Event

We enjoyed sharing our startup story at Philip Morris Japan's annual event.

Toyo Keizai Magazine chooses BESPOKE as top 100 startups in Japan

ビジネスヒントはここにある! すごいベンチャー​ 100 いま日本ではベンチャーに流入するリスクマネーが増え、第4次ベンチャーブームといわれる“大波”が来ている。ロボット、AI、エネルギー、フィンテック、シェアリング、新素材など、業界や技術も多彩。次のビジネスを牽引する、すごいベンチャーを総まくり。

WIT Conference:Key lessons from WIT Japan & North Asia

Bobby Healy, CarTrawler, asking Akemi Tsunagawa, Bespoke and Zhu Lei, iGOLA, about their use of chatbot and AI in their businesses.

Interview : Interview with Akemi Tsunagawa, Founder and CEO, Bespoke Inc

Bespoke was founded in 2015 to offer authentic travel experiences beyond guidebooks. Its AI concierge, Bebot, is the most used multilingual chatbot in the hospitality space to enhance guest experiences. Bebot is currently servicing wide range of

The Bot Podcast : Akemi Tsunagawa, Founder & CEO of Bespoke

The Bot Podcast: with Akemi Tsunagawa, Founder & CEO of Bespoke. Top hotel brands use AI powered Bebot to enhance in-stay experiences and drive revenues. Learn how Bebot can become a powerful solution for your business.

Conference in Mexico : Why Hotels Need Chatbots

Akemi Tsunagawa (fundadora y CEO de una de las start ups de chatbot de más rápido crecimiento en la industria de viajes, Bespoke), Areli Morán (directora de ventas de Sabre Hospitality Solutions), Alejandra Orozco (directora de ventas Alice), Ger

Interview : Forbes JAPAN x Mitsubishi Estate - How technology can change travel

Bebot is a chatbot concierge that helps foreign travelers. After hotels and shops install the service, users can get directions, recommended food, tourist destinations, and information about hotel facilities services through smartphones.

Bespoke Enters Strategic Partnership with JR East Group

Bespoke and East Japan Marketing & Communications Inc. ("Jeki"), a subsidiary ofJR East Co. Ltd., are pleased to announce a partnership to further the availability of the AI chat concierge service "Bebot" throughout Japan. Bebot handles tourist

Bespoke and JR East Group Offer New Version of AI Chatbot 'Bebot' to Local Governments

Bespoke and East Japan Marketing And Communications Inc. ("Jeki"), a subsidiary of JR East Co. Ltd., are pleased to announce a partnership to further the availability of the AI chat concierge service "Bebot" throughout Japan.

International Travel Plan 2018 June


Hotel chatbot “Bebot” starts English conversation table, helping multilingual service

Bespoke Inc. (Shibuya, Tokyo; CEO: Akemi Tsunagawa) started a English training session to better serve foreign tourists and to improve reviews. Intended for hotel businessmen, the program will start from late June, 2018.


This year’s buzzwords might be blockchain and (still) mobile, but it hasn’t been so long since ‘chatbots’ were the mot du jour. Buzzword no more, chatbots have now worked their way across industries, automating and often augmenting the customer

Conference in Singapore : Why Hotels Need Chatbots

Akemi founded Bespoke in 2015 to create a new digital experience for travelers. Its AI concierge, Bebot, is Japan’s first and most used multilingual chatbot that acts as a concierge to enhance guest experiences. Bebot is currently servicing wide

Since 1964! Why did Hotel New Otani introduce the AI concierge?

An interview with Kataoka Shinichiro, Manager of Hotel Otani Management Service Branch, reveals the backstory of “Bebot”’s introduction.

Seminar : Bebot x Nightley - HOTEL DATA MANAGEMENT SEMINAR

Nightley and Bespoke held a joint-seminar for hotels responding to the inbound population. The seminar will be based on successful cases, drawing on big data and an active use of AI chat concierge.

Bebot x Japan's Iconic Hotel "Hotel New Otani"

Bespoke Inc. will start providing its AI chat concierge service to Hotel New Otani (Tokyo). Through smartphone, it can respond to foreign guests’ requests any time, providing them with a pleasant trip experience.



New Feature: Bebot is available at Tokyo Station

Bespoke Inc. has partnered with Japan Railway, bringing you Bebot at Tokyo Station. Being one of the busiest stations in the country, Bebot guides travelers throughout the station. Find a QR, scan and chat.

'Bebot' Comes to Tokyo's Iconic Hotel New Otani

New Otani Hotels and Bespoke Inc. are proud to announce the launch of Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot service Bebot at Hotel New Otani Tokyo. Already available at Narita Airport and Tokyo Station, Bebot is fast becoming an essential travel p


タイトル:週刊トラベルジャーナル 発行:株式会社トラベルジャーナル 発行日:2018年4月23日 掲載面:4ページ「視座」

メディア掲載:ホテル・旅館業界 IR年鑑 2018&2019 にBEBOTが掲載されました


メディア掲載:交通新聞 4月20日号に東京駅導入について掲載されました

東京駅構内と周辺エリア「東京ステーションシティ」に2018年3月、AI(人工知能)を活用したチャットボットによるコンシェルジュ業務を導入した。 訪日外国人向けに提供するサービスで、対応言語は英語と中国語の2か国語を用意。24時間365日、スマートフォンを通してリアルタイムで案内する。東京ステーションシティによると、鉄道駅がAIを活用したチャットコンシェルジュを導入するのは世界で初めてだという。

AI concierge introduces a transit tour to international arrivals at Narita Airport

Bebot, an AI chat concierge developed by Bespoke, an IT solution provider, has started introducing ‘Narita Transit & Stay Program’ to international arrivals at Narita International Airport since April 16 2018.

Bebot活用事例:チャットの会話でお客様の不満を解消!By ホテルアラマンダ青山


Strategy& Foresight Vol.15 2018 Spring

Bespokeの創業者は、リーズナブルなビジネスホテ ルに宿泊している外国人観光客が「地元で評判のレストラン」と いったローカル情報の入手に苦労している姿を見て「コンシェル ジ ュ サ ー ビ ス が あ っ た ら 便 利 で は な い か 」と ひ ら め い た と い う 。同 社は外国人AI技術集団の実装スキルでチャットベースのサービ スモデルを実現し、急成長しつつある。上記の2社はいずれも30 代~40代の若手経営者によって率いられているが、

Bespoke Signs Strategic Partnership with Nightley.

インバウンド対策総合支援サービス「inbound insight(インバウンドインサイト)」を運営する株式会社ナイトレイは、訪日外国人向けAI(人工知能)チャットコンシェルジュ「Bebot(ビーボット)」を運営する株式会社ビースポークと協業することで、訪日外国人向けのサービス向上や受入環境整備に課題を持つ民間企業や自治体のインバウンド対策のサポート体制を強化していきます。


株式会社ビースポーク (本社:東京都渋谷区、代表:綱川 明美) は、2018年3月21日より、訪日外国人向けAI(人工知能)チャットコンシェルジュ「Bebot(ビーボット)」のサービス提供を、東京ステーションシティ(東京ステーションシティ運営協議会)が運営する、東京駅エリア(所在地:東京都千代田区)で開始します。

AI Comes to Tokyo Station as World's First AI Chatbot Offers Multi-Language Guidance

Bespoke Inc. and Tokyo Station City by East Japan Railway Company, today announce the latest expansion for its fast-growing Artificial Intelligence (AI) service, Bebot.

Event : X-HUB- Incubation Program by the City of Tokyo

The “U.S. East Coast Course” edition of the X-HUB TOKYO acceleration program has ended. It was the very first course organized by X-HUB (itself established in November 2017) and yet it received a great number of applications.

Interview:Bebot Continues to Change the Way Hotel Guests Interact with Hotels


The Man Who Built Boston’s Startup Ecosystem Talks About Possibilities For Bespoke

Another similarity between the two cities is that Tokyo is very strong in the AI/robotics and fintech fields. For example, I felt like there were huge possibilities for Bespoke, a Tokyo-based startup that designs AI chatbots operating in hotels a

Nikkei Features Bebot as an Innovative AI Solution

民泊に対抗 スタートアップに商機 空、料金設定短時間で ビースポーク、多言語案内ツール

Event:Sharing Insights Learned through Bebot with the City of Saitama

●講座内容・講師 【スペシャルトーク】 「ニッポンの魅力再発見~外国人旅行者に商店街へ来てもらおう~」  サヘル・ローズ 氏(女優、タレント) 【第1講】 トークセッション「Welcome to SAITAMA 商店街の「お宝」を掘り起こそう」  金井 毅  氏(株式会社電通 BD&A局 ディレクター)  カ オ  氏(株式会社MATCHA インバウンド戦略部 統括マネージャー)  綱川 明美 氏(株式会社ビースポーク 代表取締役)  平原 由三枝 氏(株式会社NHKエンタープラ

Event : Bespoke Gives New Year's Speech at Jikei Hospital Association in Aomori


Interview : How Bebot Was Made

Chatbots can bring positive impacts to the hotel/travel industry by 1) learning more about customers through chat & enhance guest services, 2) automating repetitive tasks to save labor cost 3) upsell options through chat to increase revenue

Nikkei Features Bebot x Times Car Rental

Bespoke Inc. today announces the next stage of its collaboration with Times Mobility Networks Co., Ltd. (“Times”), a subsidiary of Park24 Co., Ltd., to offer AI chatbot concierge Bebot to all customers. In June 2017, Times became the first car re

Video : Charm your guests with a chatbot concierge

When it comes to the chatbot debate, we're reminded of that sage advice, given by Hyatt's Sanchit Rege at the 2017 Direct Booking Summit. While many of the world's hotels are just beginning to dip their toe into the world of live chat and chatbot

Nikkei Features Bebot by Bespoke


Bebot comes to Hotel Allamanda Aoyama - the 5 star Hotel in Tokyo

株式会社ユニマットプレシャスの運営するプレミアムホテル&スパ「アラマンダ青山」(東京都港区北青山)へ、サービス提供を開始することとなりました。ホテルのフロント業務を人工知能で自動化することにより、 ゲストの満足度やご利用施設の生産性の向上につなげることが可能となります。 英語、中国語で24時間対応します。

Event : Morning Pitch#218 観光・トラベル特集にて、当社代表綱川が登壇しました


Bebot will become available at all of MIMARU HOTELS by Cosmos Initial (Daiwa House Group)

2018年開業のアパートメントホテル「MIMARU」全店が、AIチャットボット活用で宿泊者へ24時間快適な旅を提供。ホテルのフロント業務を人工知能で自動化することにより、 ゲストの満足度やご利用施設の生産性の向上につなげることが可能となります。 英語、中国語で24時間対応します。

Interview:How Bebot Was Built by A Small Team of Developers

人件費削減&売上アップ!AIコンシェルジュ「Bebot」にみる圧倒的チャットボット導入効果 この「Bebot」は数多くのホテルに導入されていて、チャットによる問い合わせ、位置情報による観光情報のレコメンド、独自データベースによる飲食店のレコメンドなど、宿泊するユーザーからの幅広い質問、予約などを自動化してくれるチャットボットなんです。自然言語処理を組み込んだAIチャットボットで、英語・中国語に対応しており相当な効果もでているんだとか。

Artificial Intelligence Concierge to Launch in Sendai as Bebot Comes to ANA Holiday Inn

TOKYO, JAPAN, November 28, 2017 ( - ​​​​Holiday Inn and Bespoke Inc. are proud to announce the launch of AI chatbot service Bebot at ANA Holiday Inn Sendai, the first hotel in Sendai to offer an AI Chat Guide. It’s the second Holiday

Narita to Become First AI-Powered Airport in the World With Launch of Bebot

式会社ビースポーク (本社:東京都港区、代表:綱川 明美) は、2017年11月14日より、訪日外国人向けAI(人工知能)チャットコンシェルジュ「Bebot(ビーボット)」のサービス提供を、成田国際空港(所在地:千葉県成田市)向けに開始します。訪日外国人は、スマートフォンを通じて、空港や日本での旅行に必要な情報を英語で取得することが可能となります。

Narita to Become First AI-Powered Airport in the World With Launch of Bebot

​​Narita International Airport Corporation and Bespoke Inc. announce the launch of AI chatbot service Bebot to assist passengers in obtaining information of airport services, facilities and transport links. The free AI Chat Guide (beta) will be

Nikkei Features Bebot - Bespoke Expands Outside Japan

October 30th, 2017_the X-HUB TOKYO kick off event, presented by Tokyo Metropolitan Government, is honored to present the 5 finalists of the USA East Coast Course: The 5 finalist includes Bespoke.


The hospitality sector is not an easy one to create startup in as it’s not only fragmented and diverse but also getting more competitive, Yet, there are many brave entrepreneurs out there who are willing to take a shot at it.

New Feature: Bebot is available at Narita International Aiport

Bespoke Inc. has partnered with Narita International Airport in Japan. Bebot is available on free wifi at the airport to assist travelers with flight information, facility FAQ, transportation to the city and more.

Forbes JAPAN : How AI changes our lives.


New Feature: Bebot is available on webchat

Bebot is no longer available on Facebook Messenger. Bebot is only available on webchat (in-browser chat), meaning no third party apps are required to use Bebot. Now accessible on the user's preferred browser on any mobile device.

メディア掲載:トラベルボイス 9月14日号にBEBOTが掲載されました

旅行業で「チャットボット」が主役になる日はくるのか? 国内外の事例やメリットを整理した【外電コラム】


株式会社ビースポーク (本社:東京都港区、代表:綱川 明美) は、2017年9月より、訪日外国人向けAI(人工知能)チャットコンシェルジュ「Bebot(ビーボット)」のサービス提供を、民泊施設向けに開始します。民泊施設向けには、初の「Bebot」サービス提供となります。カスタマーサービス業務を人工知能で自動化することにより、ご利用施設の負担削減やゲストの満足度向上に貢献します。

Hotel Chatbot Launched at Granbell Hotels in Japan

Japan's AI powered concierge frees hoteliers from repetitive tasks to bring better guest experiences.

Bebot Introduced Across an Emerging Hotel Brand in Japan

Bespoke Inc. and Belluna Co., Ltd. today announced the release of AI concierge, Bebot, to all branches of the Granbell Hotel in Japan. With Bespoke's own AI engine developed in-house, Bebot can help hotels increase operational efficiency.




Travelport Live in Sydney kicked off with two female “robot” dancers wearing suits that were more lit up than a Christmas tree, their robot-like movements a hint of where the discussions at the one-and-a-half day conference would be heading.

Bebot Comes to Oriental Hotel in Osaka

株式会社ビースポーク (本社:東京都港区、代表取締役: 綱川 明美) は、2017年7月1日より、訪日外国人向けAI(人工知能)チャットコンシェルジュ「Bebot」の中国語サービス提供を、なんばオリエンタルホテル(所在地:大阪府大阪市、総支配人:松浦 啓)にて開始します。国内初のホテルチェーン向け「Bebot」中国語版の正式サービス提供となります。

Chatbots, will they take over the tourism industry?

Hire a car through Times Car Rental at Narita Airport and you will be offered the Bebot chatbot on a messaging platform of your choice. It’s a personal concierge, which can give directions, book restaurants (and show reviews) and answer frequentl

World's 1st AI chatbot for car rental drivers debuts at Narita International Airport

Bespoke Inc has announced a collaboration with Times Mobility Networks Co Ltd, a subsidiary of Park24 Co Ltd, to offer the AI chatbot concierge Bebot to their customers at Narita International Airport.

Bebot x Car Rental - the First AI Chatbot for Car Rental Companies.

株式会社ビースポーク (本社:東京都港区、代表取締役: 綱川 明美) は、2017年6月19日より、訪日外国人向けAI(人工知能)チャットコンシェルジュ「Bebot」のサービス提供を、タイムズモビリティネットワークス株式会社(本社:広島県広島市、社長:川崎 計介)にて開始しました。国内初のレンタカーサービス向け「Bebot」提供となります。まずは、成田空港の店舗からサービス提供を開始します。今後は、全国の店舗へ展開することを予定しています。

Bebot is now available in Chinese!

You can start chatting with Bebot in Chinese starting from June 2017.

Bebot, Japan's first AI chatbot for hotels, now available at Holiday Inn Osaka Namba

Holiday Inn has become the first major hotel chain in Japan to adopt the latest artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot concierge, Bebot. Now, hotel guests who check in to Holiday Inn Osaka Namba will be serviced by Bebot.

Meet Bebot, Japan's First AI Chatbot for Hotels, Now Available at Holiday Inn Osaka Namba

Bebot works through the combination of exclusive databases and the AI engine built by Bespoke Inc. It provides guests with personal assistance such as booking restaurants, personalized recommendations for activities, and answering questions about

Event : Bespoke Presented Bebot at Advertising Week Asia 2017 Japan

Year two of Advertising Week Asia kicks off on Monday in Tokyo, where industry professionals from across the advertising, marketing, media and technology communities will join together to celebrate and discuss the future of the business.

メディア掲載:東奥日報 5月29日号でBEBOTが掲載されました


Bespoke Releases Japan's First AI Chatbot Concierge: BEBOT

The innovative chatbot works through a combination of human chat services and AI that presents information for all of Japan from its many exclusive databases.

Event : Sharing How AI Changes the Travel Industry at Seiwakai


Event : IBM Blue Hub Demo Day




Interview:女性 x インバウンドメディアのGraces JapanにBEBOTが掲載されました


Event : Sharing How Bebot Helps The Travel Industry



AIを活用した多言語チャットコンシェルジュ |LINEやフェイスブックなどのメッセージングツールを使って。母国語で今いる場所近くの観光スポットや穴場情報をチャット形式で教えてもらえる上に、予約まで出来るというコンシェルジュサービス「BEBOT」。

Event : Sharing How Bebot Can Changes The Way People Travel


Event:Tech in Asia's Startup Pitch Event

人気な観光地として日本の名は今でも上位に挙げられるが、訪日外国人観光客は未だに日本の言語の障害に直面し、それによって楽しみを欠いてしまうことがある。同様に、日本語しか話せないスタッフばかりのホテルが多く、外国人ゲストを完全にもてなすことができない状況にある。そこでBespokeはアクティビティや食事などの情報リクエストを扱える案内人ボットを使用し、これらの問題を解決することができると考えた。 現在は英語での使用が可能であり、来年初期には中国語の使用も開始する予定だ。

登壇:朝日新聞主催のチャットUI CAMPでBEBOTについて登壇させていただきました

 朝日新聞メディアラボは10月4日、注目を集める「チャットボット」関連のサービスを開発するスタートアップに焦点を当てたイベント「CHAT UI CAMP」を開催した。第2回となる今回は、未調達のシードベンチャーから、億単位の調達済みのベンチャーまで13社が参加。ここでは、その中からいくつかのサービスを抜粋して紹介する。

Interview : LEVART, an app connecting locals and travellers exploring Japan

Q: Why did you take the plunge to being involved in a startup? A: Coming from finance background, I wasn’t so interested in startups to be honest. The product we’re building now (both Bebot and LEVART) is something I’ve always wanted when travel

TechCrunch Features Bebot - Seed Round


Bespoke Raises Seed Round from Archetype Ventures

Bespoke Raises Seed Round from Archetype Ventures

Roppongi Economics Paper Features LEVART

ビースポーク(港区麻布十番)が5月11日、訪日外国人旅行者へ向けた「英語チャットコンシェルジュ」サービスの試用運用を開始した。  ガイドブックには載っていない体験をコンセプトに、日本の「穴場」を紹介するウェブサイト「LEVART」を運営する同社。現在70カ国の外国人が利用しているというユーザーを対象に調査したところ、英語が通じないために日本での旅行で不便を感じている外国人旅行者が多数いることが分かったという。外国人ユーザーの「どうしよう、英語が通じない」「英語が通じれば、もっと楽しめた

TechCrunch Features LEVART by Bespoke