Chatbot Case Studies

Our chatbot is used for tourist information, childcare support, general information desk, disaster response, and more. Here are some case studies:

Japan National Tourist Organization - Promote International Tourism

Bebot helps travelers & foreign residents living in Japan, accessible via the websites of the Japan National Tourism Organization, Japanese Government Cabinet website or on-site through wifi at airport partners

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City of Kyoto - Drive In-Market Sales

Regardless of over-tourism, with more than 50 million tourists visiting each year, Kyoto City was hitting a per capita consumption plateau.

Since the implementation, Bebot was not only responding to questions from tourists, but also stimulating the consumption per capita by actively introducing activities. In comparison to other websites, we were able to contribute to attracting customers to each region’s local activity providers.

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Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku - Labor Saving

The hotel staff had to handle around 100 restaurant bookings each month, while employers were struggling to hire bilingual personnel.

Bebot took over almost all the bookings, and the hotel has achieved significant labor savings. The cancellation fee for no-show bookings has been reduced to 0 JPY. The reduction in the number of inquiries to staff, allows them to focus on interpersonal services, which contributes to the improvement of customer satisfaction among guests.

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Narita Air Port - Improved Passenger Experiences

Narita International Airport struggled to assist passengers due to due to staffing shortages, particularly of staff who can support multiple languages.

Bebot streamlines the user experience by providing tailored customer service experiences to each passenger at Narita. Bebot has also assisted passengers in times of crisis. During the COVID pandemic Bebot was able dynamically provide updated travel information. In 2021 a typhoon left 17,000 passengers stranded at the airport and Bebot was able provide support that humans could not do.

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