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Bespoke Inc., Senior NLP Engineer

Japan, or anywhere
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Depends on Experience

Bespoke makes a new kind of AI chatbot service that makes your trips 10 times more exciting. We provide instant assistance to overseas visitors to Japan through major hospitality clients including hotels, airports, cities, and railway companies. Our chatbot “Bebot” currently services more than 11M users a year, which is over 30% of the entire market in Japan.

What defines a “natural” conversation? As an AI, how do we distinguish a question about check-in times from a statement of dissatisfaction from a request to book a restaurant? When can we tell a joke?

We’re looking for experienced NLP and machine learning engineers to join our chatbot R&D team to help answer these questions. The R&D team owns researching, prototyping, and experimenting with NLP and ML to continuously deliver improvements to our chatbot conversation engine. Currently, this engine makes use of in-house and other services to provide a goal oriented dialog system supporting configurable/customizable conversations, small talk, and multi-language capabitilities to our users. We are looking for engineers and scientists to take this engine to the next level in accuracy and new features. In this role, you will also mentor junior memembers of the R&D team and work closely with software developers and product management to deliver the most natural AI tourism chatbot experience available.

Senior technical individuals at Bespoke collectively act as team leaders and generally lead one or more technical projects. The ideal candidate will have industry or solid academic experience with modern NLP technologies, have experience in probabilistic classification, be passionate about mixing science with industry, be eager to teach others, and love to travel.


  • Researching, prototyping, and experimenting with NLP technologies to improve our chatbot engine
  • Integrating and experimenting with new data sources
  • Mentoring junior R&D team members
  • Helping to define, estimate, and prioritize projects according to business need

As a startup, we are also eager to embrace your unique interests and skillset to customize the role for you.


When bringing on new team members we mostly look for a track record of technical curiosity, commitment to quality, the ability to think critically, and an aptitude for learning new things quickly. If you’re that kind of person, contact us below!

  • Solid industry experience or an upper-level degree related to natural language processing
  • Experience in probabalistic classification
  • Comfort with designing prototypes that leverage other services/libraries and a general knoweldge of software development practices
  • Ability to communicate technical problems clearly
  • Ability to work in a diverse, English-speaking team (Japanese not required)

Also awesome if you

  • Have NLP experience in non-English languages
  • Have experience developing chatbots, conversation design, or retrieval-based conversation
  • Speak other world languages

Visa sponsorship is possible for this role.

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