Bebot for hotels

AI Chatbot for Hotels

Bring 5-star hospitality to your guests, efficiency to your hotel. Customise our AI chatbot for your hotel guests today.

Solutions for hotels

Multilingual 24/7 Support

Bebot's AI engine processes guest messages for natural conversations and smoothly handles any irregular guest requests.

Guest Inquiries Answered Immediately

Guests will have FAQs answered instantly, using Bebot's AI engine which can process typos and understands natural conversation.

Booking Restaurants

Automate reservations with Bebot and save your staff's time.

Collect Reviews for your Hotel

Identify happy guests and proactively send review requests through Bebot.

Implementation Process


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Contact us to decide how many properties you want Bebot implemented at.



Leave it to us. We'll train Bebot for your hotel based on FAQs at your front desk.



Guests can access Bebot on your hotel site, booking confirmation emails, QR code printed on key packets and many more!

Hear from hotels working with us

Hotel New Otani

Discover Bebot at Hotel New Otani

Hotel New Otani is one of Tokyo’s most luxurious and historic hotels. The hotel first opened in 1964 to coincide with the Tokyo Olympics. Now ahead of the 2020 Olympics, Hotel New Otani has launched Bebot, to assist guests in and outside of the hotel.

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