Bebot CrisisConnect

Emergency Communication Using AI Chatbots

Connect in real time with residents and travelers during emergencies.



Emergency Response

Disseminate key information including updates & emergency procedures during ongoing disasters.


Scalable Channel for Emergency Responders

Establish a scalable communication channel between first responders and disaster victims that is not limited by the number of phone lines.

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Distribute a quick-access URL or update the link in your city-wide wifi to Bebot chat.

Customer Story

Japan National Tourism Organization

To combat the coronavirus pandemic in Japan, Bebot provides multilingual support to travelers and foreign residents. Bebot shares health and virus-specific information, such as symptoms to look out for, and what preventative measures to take. The latest news about the outbreak, current statistical information like transmission rates and contact information to government agencies is also shared.


Collect Deep Insights

Use collected data to effectively prepare for future disasters in high-impact areas in addition to feedback collected on your disaster preparedness efforts from residents.


Monitor & Track Emergencies

Deep Insights

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