Bebot for Cities

AI Chatbot to Tranform Your Destination Into a Smart City

Our chatbot will help your city drive in-market spend, maximize visitor satisfaction and provide crisis management support.

Solutions at Cities

Mie Prefecture

Since 2019, Bebot has been an integral part of Mie Prefecture's quest to transform their cities into smart cities. Bebot's AI automates visitor FAQs in multiple languages. Visitors can engage with Bebot pre-trip and during their trip, where an average of 7.18 automated questions are handled per user.

Niseko, Hokkaido

Since 2020, Bebot has been a key part of Niseko’s digital tourism development. Bebot aids in visitor congestion at the ski resorts by providing users with real-time information, for example, lift operation status. Bebot helps create a safe and secure environment, allowing visitors to enjoy themselves, even during covid times. On average, Bebot automates 6.81 questions per user.

Vienna AirportCity

The number of residents who require real-time information has been increasing due to the covid outbreak and terrorist attacks. Websites were unable to be updated in time, which left residents in the dark about key information. Bebot provided emergency information related to covid, with a user engagement rate of around 77%.

Why Bebot?

Bebot is a fully serviced chatbot. You won't need to do maintenance on FAQs and if an error occurs, our operators will take care of it.

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Bebot's AI is developed in-house, utilizing neural networks instead of an exact match system. Our system is used by governments to handle emergency response situations.
Bebot has unique industry know-how and industry specific functions. Ranging from emergency response to congestion management to collecting user insights.

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Implementation Process



Contact us for quotes and to decide what data you'd like to collect.



All you need to do is share city specific data and we'll take care of the full customization and training of Bebot.



Add the Bebot widget to your city's tourism website or update the link in your city-wide wifi to redirect to Bebot chat.

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