Bebot ChatConnect (WiFi)

Run AI Chat Surveys & Promotions through WiFi

ChatConnect turns your WiFi sign-on landing page into a chatbot to engage & learn from your customers. 100% Customizable.

Business Benefits


Gather customer insights

Welcome to our shop.
How was the service today?



Run Chat-based customer surveys. ChatConnect allows you to access the results on the same day.


Run promotions and advertisements

Limited offer!!
50% off your next coffee.

No paper, no barriers. Customers can access easy-to-use promotions and sales info via chat.

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One simple price, easy setup.
Save 10% if you pay annually.


per store location


Sign up

Online sign-up is coming soon, but for now you can contact us to get started.



Customize surveys and promotions to show in your ChatConnect.


URL redirect

After URL setup customers will see ChatConnect when they access your wifi.

Customer Story

Narita International Airport, Japan

Here is how ChatConnect helps Japan's international Airport run survey through wifi sign-on landing page. ChatConnect enables your business to collect 30x more samples than traditional paper surveys in a short period of time.


Drive Engagement

Your company WiFi sign-on page provides a perfect opportunity to engage with customers while they are at your location. Capture real customer insight, improve customer loyalty and more with ChatConnect.


People leave a WiFi landing page immediately after connecting.


With ChatConnect, over 50% stay providing valuable insight and more.


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