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Chat support operator

Bespoke is a global leader in providing AI-powered chatbots that help companies provide their customers with an engaging and improved customer experience when searching for help or trying to perform routine tasks.

 Bespoke’s technology relies on advanced AI technology to understand the intent behind a customer’s question and match it to an approved, curated answer. Since answers are curated, Bespoke has a team of chat support specialists that can intervene in a conversation and work to continuously improve the Bot’s knowledge on behalf of the customer.

Our CEO is an advisor to the prime minister's office on the digitization of Japan and our company is a very unique startup to have a place at the table at important government meetings.

Tasks & Responsibilities

  • Interacting with our users and answering questions in support of our AI chatbot
  • New feature testing
  • Conversation design
  • Translating between English and Japanese

*We require all candidates to go through a trial period before an official offer is made.


  • Native Japanese, English level: TOEIC 800 or higher.
  • Effective time management

Salary & Employment

  • Start 220,000 yen a month + ability
  • Contract: full-time

To Apply

Please email the following information to: jobs@be-spoke.io

  • Your CV
  • Level of fluency in English and Japanese
  • Available hours based on your time zone