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Bespoke Inc., Marketing Intern - Web/ SNS Marketing & Travel Content Writing

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Depends on Experience

We are building chat bots and other resources for travelers as well as Japanese businesses that want to attract and support more overseas visitors to Japan.

We’re looking for marketing interns to join our marketing team to increase traffic. The team is also responsible for building a website that helps travelers find truly local experiences on their own, with other travelers, or with locals that want to share their favorite parts of Japan. Ideally new team members spend most of their time in Japan, or another APAC area, love to travel, enjoy learning new things and building new skills.


  • Writing and reviewing travel contents to share on our website and SNS
  • Researching & analyzing marketing data
  • Planning online marketing strategies to increase traffic
  • Working with the support team to help user experiences
  • Helping to define, estimate and prioritize tasks and projects


When bringing on new team members we mostly look for a track record, commitment to quality, the ability to think critically, and an aptitude for learning new things quickly. If you’re that kind of person, contact us below!

  • English and Japanese language ability
  • Understanding of Japanese culture
  • Experience to manage SNS accounts
  • Interest in data analysis, and statistics

We’re a distributed and diverse team so new team members should:

  • Demonstrate the ability to work with people from many different backgrounds
  • Show a commitment to building a cooperative and helpful team
  • Be able to effectively and flexibly work asynchronously with colleagues in other locations and timezones
  • Provide constructive insights based on unique personal experiences and background

Who we are

We’re a Japanese travel company providing concierge services on behalf of local hotels and businesses to tourists that don’t speak the local language. When a hotel or business doesn’t have enough English speaking staff they give their international customers access to our chat bot, named “Bebot”. Through our chat bot we help tourists to find the best places in Japan. Great Ramen? Local bars? Secret art galleries? You name it. You can count on Bebot to always be there to help.

We are well funded, growing and committed to building a diverse team filled with people that love to travel, experience new things and share their experiences. We have support of local venture capital firms and governments. We’re looking for developers, engineers and designers to join our team.

How we work

We use co-working spaces in several locations in and around Tokyo, but employees are encouraged to work from home, or any place that is most comfortable for them. We don’t adhere to set office hours. Some of our team work at the same office location every day, some change their location frequently, and some work from overseas for weeks and months at a time. We meet face-to-face, or over video chat for status and planning discussions. We coordinate our day to day work with Slack, Github Issues and ZenHub. Our primary language is English, but everyone is at least familiar if not fluent in Japanese.

Our chat bot, “Bebot”, is written in Ruby using a structured framework with Natural Language Processing integrations. Our users interact with Bebot through Facebook Messenger, Slack and other chat systems. We’ve built our website using Node.js, and React. The bot, website, and other systems that we’ve built run in Docker containers on AWS and are managed with Ansible.

How to apply

Send some information about yourself, e.g., link to resume, Github profile, portfolio link, self-introduction, using the contact form below.

Data & AI Driven Services For Travel

We created Levart as a way to collect amazing recommendations to help visitors find truly local experiences from local people around Japan.
Our enthusiastic English speaking members share their hidden gems (ANABA) in Japan with travelers from all over the world. Travelers can plan their trip by exploring our ANABA to make the most of their time in Japan. Whatever your interests may be, Levart will connect you with locals to create an unforgettable journey. ANABA is a Japanese word meaning 'well-kept secret' and could be a great little restaurant, sightseeing place or once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Bebot is our AI powered chat concierge with the heart of a local, powered by all the recommendations that the Levart community has created.
Bebot is capable of almost anything a hotel concierge would do for hotel guests. With on the go support, travelers will have the opportunity to be spontaneous, discover new places, and most importantly experience their time in Japan to the fullest, both in and out of the hotel. Bebot learns personal preferences and suggests recommendations tailored specifically to each traveler from restaurant recommendations to activity booking to simple directions.

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About Bespoke

Founded in 2015 and based in Tokyo, Bespoke Inc. is focused on providing services to travelers and local businesses. We strive to provide people with authentic cultural experiences that cannot be achieved through following a guidebook or joining large tours. We aim to assist travelers by consolidating the best of what Japan has to offer and allowing those resources to be easily accessible.

Jobs at Bespoke

Chatbot Developer

We’re looking for developers to join our chat bot team to help us create a flexible chat bot in Ruby that integrates with many different messaging systems and data sources

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Infrastructure Developer/Engineer

We’re looking for engineers and developers to join our devops team to architect, automate, and manage our infrastructure using Docker, Ansible, and AWS.

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Marketing Intern

We're looking for marketing interns to join our marketing team to increase traffic. The team is also responsible for building a website that helps travelers find truly local experiences on their own, with other travelers, or with locals that want to share their favorite parts of Japan.

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Web Application Developer

We’re looking for full stack developers to join our web application team to help create a Node.js and React based information and analytics platform that will provide hotels and businesses with insight into their customers visiting from overseas.

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The Bespoke Team

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